47° North

A Residential and Recreation Development


47 North is a nature-centric development containing a residential neighborhood, outdoor resort, and business park that keeps with the climate and the traditional, rural mountain character of Cle Elum. The development is designed to preserve, protect, and enhance the existing landscape and ecology while providing local families with new homes, activities, and amenities.


Sun Communities is proud to be recognized by Newsweek as one of the top 50 most responsible companies for its ESG initiatives (Environmental-Social-Governance) and its #2 ranking in real estate and housing.

Carbon Neutral

Responsible decision-making ensures Sun selects the most appropriate partners and products to help achieve the goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2035 and Net Zero by 2045. Buildings are designed for optimal efficiency by reducing electricity, natural gas, and water use.

green practices

All homes are built with design standards that align with EPA Energy Star efficiency. Pre-built homes produce less construction waste than site-built housing, with many homes creating only enough waste to fill one 96-gallon container.

Sun Unity

Beyond providing jobs and economic opportunities, Sun supports the communities where we work and live. Through its charitable arm Sun Unity, Sun Communities promotes environmental sustainability and other causes benefitting community members through education, diversity, inclusion, and charitable partnerships.


Sun Communities provides comfortable, sustainable living at attainable prices and RV resorts highlighting the natural wonder and surrounding landscape while providing a fun, family-friendly experience.