Parks, Trails & Preservation

Access Nature While Protecting Nature

Parks, Trails, & Preservation

47 North will see the construction of two new public parks and six miles of walking/hiking trails developed and maintained by Sun Communities and the preservation of over 530 acres allocated to open space. Residents of 47 North will live a life integrated with nature.


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Miles of Nature Trails


New Public Parks

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Parks, Trails, & Preservation Overview

Residents of 47 North will be able to use six miles of newly constructed and actively maintained walking/hiking trails attached to a hiking trail network. They’ll also enjoy two new public parks to be developed and maintained, providing ample room for area residents to enjoy the outdoors.

47 North’s conservation, preservation, and management plans will maximize local wildlife preservation and see funding to preserve and enhance environmental health. Five hundred and thirty acres, primarily in the River Corridor, will be preserved to maintain the natural features of the Cle Elum area and provide ample open space for outdoor recreation.

In addition, Sun Communities will ensure mitigation for the impacts it creates with respect to traffic, utilities, and solid waste disposal, including designs to serve possible future developments.

*Actual 47 North Render