Community Benefits

47 North seeks to promote residential, destination tourism, and economic growth within the Cle Elum community. With detailed plans for a sustainable, environmentally friendly community with family activities and amenities, 47 North aims to provide Cle Elum with improved infrastructure to support all current and future family life for generations to come.

Investment in Local Growth

Cle Elum will see increased tax revenue through commercial development, infrastructure improvements to local utilities and traffic patterns, and the expansion of destination tourism development. 47 North will see hundreds of new jobs in construction and within the community and resort, stimulating the economy throughout the town.

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  • Job creation
  • Increased tax revenue through commercial development
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Expanding destination tourism development

Increased Environmental Health & Preservation

Our conservation, preservation, and management plans will maximize local wildlife preservation and see funding to preserve and enhance environmental health. In addition, Sun Communities will ensure mitigation for the impacts it creates with respect to traffic, utilities, and solid waste disposal, including designs to serve possible future developments.

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  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Funding to preserve and enhance environmental health
  • Conservation, preservation, and management plans
  • Protect water quality of rivers
  • Contribute long-term solutions to flooding
  • Wetland and sensitive area protection
  • Protecting views and providing a wooded background

Improved Infrastructure

Our development will build new roads, intersection improvements, water system improvements, and stormwater facilities. Within 47 North, Sun Communities will manage snow removal and repair of roads, landscaping, and utility systems. All in all, we want to facilitate long-term investment in community infrastructure.

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  • Construction of infrastructure, including roads, intersection improvements, and water system improvements, and stormwater facilities
  • Private infrastructure within the property line
  • Sun Communities manages roads (snow removal & repair), landscaping, and utlities (water, sewer, electric)
  • City water upgrades, including new filtration for Water Treatment Plant

Local Job Creation

47 North will attract hundreds of new jobs within the Cle Elum community, with roughly 607 local jobs in construction and 400 new permanent jobs after project completion. Commercial development with the Commercial Center will introduce retail, restaurant, and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

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  • 607 local construction jobs
  • 400 new permanent jobs after project completion

Recreation & Community Facilities

Residents, community members, and visitors will have ready access to many family-friendly activities and amenities. Enjoy an array of facilities and resources like a new Community Recreation Center, walking and hiking trails, pools and spas, new restaurants, and plenty of open space to run free or take a stroll.

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  • Community recreation center
  • Walking and hiking trails
  • Pools and spas
  • Restaurants
  • Artisan Village
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Shops


Responsible decision-making ensures we are selecting the most appropriate partners, products, etc., to help achieve our goals of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2035 and Net Zero by 2045. Sustainable living is also managed through our environmental plans that aim to preserve, protect, and improve local nature by protecting the water quality of rivers, enforcing sensitive area protection, and more.

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  • Carbon Neutral Commitment
  • Green Build Practices
  • Sun Communities is recognized by Newsweek as one of the top 10% most responsible companies for its ESG initiatives (Environmental-Social-Governance) and its #2 ranking in real estate and housing

New Parks & Preserved Land

New public parks and six miles of public walking/hiking trails will give residents plenty of open space for families to enjoy. To boot, 530 acres of land, primarily in the River Corridor, will be preserved to maintain the area’s natural features while providing ample space for new outdoor recreation opportunities.

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  • 2 new public parks
  • 6 miles of nature trails
  • 530 acres of preserved land

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