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The 47 North development is proposed to replace the existing approved Bullfrog Flats Development located on 809 acres south of Bullfrog Road. The land is zoned for a Planned Mixed Use Development, and the 47 North development plan is designed to meet the growth objectives of the Town for this area. The plan includes 707 housing units with a mix of detached single-family and multifamily unit types and the development of an Outdoor Nature Resort with accommodations for up to 627 RVs, Cabins, Tents, and other “Glamping” style accommodations. It would also include the following:

  • The construction of a Trailhead Park that is open to the public
  • 50 additional units of dedicated affordable housing
  • Set aside approximately 10 acres to expand the Cle Elum Cemetery
  • Approximately six miles of trails developed and maintained by Sun Communities open for public use
  • Neighborhood parks to be maintained by Sun Communities and open to the public
  • Construction of infrastructure, including roads, intersection improvements, water and sewer system improvements, and stormwater facilities
  • Approximately 530 acres of preserved open space subject to existing

  • Attainably priced housing to support a growing workforce in the community
  • New customers for local businesses
  • New local jobs
  • A newly constructed and actively managed trail network will be open to the community for hiking, biking, and equestrian trail riding
  • A proposed Trailhead Park adjacent to the planned Upper Kittitas County Community Recreation Center will open to the public and offer complimentary outdoor activities for local residents
  • A family-friendly outdoor recreational resort that minimizes impact on the natural landscape, preserves natural land and trees, and fits the community’s character

The development is required to mitigate any impact on the capacity of public services. Sun Communities will work collaboratively with stakeholders from the city, County, Department of Transportation, School District, and Hospital District to institute necessary mitigations to ensure all impacts are met with the appropriate level of resources and enacted promptly.

No. Outside of both sharing the word “Sun” in their company names, Sun Communities is a wholly separate company, is not affiliated with nor is it a subsidiary of Suncadia Resorts. Since 1975, Sun Communities has owned and operated industry-leading prefabricated home communities, RV resorts, and marina properties throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada.

The average length of time that a resident lives in one of our communities is over 12 years (the same as all other homeowners in the country), and resale homes in our communities have appreciated at the same rate as conventional single-family homes.

The idea of a land lease community is very similar to the concept of a condominium or an HOA. The land lease includes common area landscaping and road maintenance, provides for the provision and operation of community amenities, supports full-time onsite staff, provides comprehensive liability insurance for the community with enhanced disaster preparedness and recovery, and ensures timely and continuous capital investments in the community.

By centering these functions on a professional owner and manager, the burden is reduced for the city, and the source of capital for long-term investment in community infrastructure is secured. Most importantly, this model creates an attainable path to homeownership for the middle class by reducing the financial barriers to entry.

  • A creative method of financing community infrastructure by the Developer (Sun Communities)
  • Reduces barrier to entry for new home buyers
  • Ensures an available source of funds for ongoing community maintenance without the need for tax levies or municipal debt Improvements are made when they are needed with no financing complications or HOA politics
  • Professional onside dedicated management for resident services, community maintenance, and CC&R enforcement

  • Efficiency is gained in construction, resulting in a more affordable end cost
  • New design and construction standards make prefabricated housing indistinguishable from comparable site-built housing
  • High demand and low supply for home building trades make it too expensive to construct site-built housing in a price range that can solve the adorable housing crisis
  • Prefabricated homes are classified as real property for property tax purposes. Even on leased land

The existing approved plan calls for 1,300 residential homes, which would be an extension of the Suncadia development. The original plan included a commitment to keep 180 new homes available for rent and a provision for 50 additional deed-restricted affordable housing units. The existing development plan also includes a 75-acre commercial center.

The new plan calls for fewer and more affordable new homes than Suncadia’s development, and the remaining area will be transformed into a family-friendly nature resort focused on outdoor activities, fitness, and education. The reduced intensity of the commercial center and the addition of the outdoor resort are anticipated to greatly reduce impacts on traffic and public services than the existing approved plan.

The 47 North plan calls for 527 single-family homes available for sale or rent, 180 rental units, and an additional 50 deed-restricted affordable housing units as originally contemplated. The Outdoor Resort will include 627 RV, camping, cabin, and “glamping” sites.


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