The idea of a land lease community is very similar to the concept of a condominium or an HOA. The land lease includes common area landscaping and road maintenance, provides for the provision and operation of community amenities, supports full-time onsite staff, provides comprehensive liability insurance for the community with enhanced disaster preparedness and recovery, and ensures timely and continuous capital investments in the community.

By centering these functions on a professional owner and manager, the burden is reduced for the city, and the source of capital for long-term investment in community infrastructure is secured. Most importantly, this model creates an attainable path to homeownership for the middle class by reducing the financial barriers to entry.

  • A creative method of financing community infrastructure by the Developer (Sun Communities)
  • Reduces barrier to entry for new home buyers
  • Ensures an available source of funds for ongoing community maintenance without the need for tax levies or municipal debt Improvements are made when they are needed with no financing complications or HOA politics
  • Professional onside dedicated management for resident services, community maintenance, and CC&R enforcement